Kate Spade Vs. Kendra Scott Jewelry: In-depth Differences

Kate Spade and Kendra Scott are two of the biggest names in contemporary fashion jewelry and accessories today. Both brands are known for their fun, feminine styles that add a punch of color and personality to any outfit.

But with different price points, styles, and brand histories, Kate Spade and Kendra Scott cater to different customers. Here’s an in-depth look at the pros, cons, and key differences between these two fashion powerhouses.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryKate SpadeKendra Scott
Year Founded19932002
FounderKate SpadeKendra Scott
LocationNew York CityAustin, Texas
Brand VibePreppy, classic, sophisticatedBohemian, trendy, laidback
Price Range$48 – $348$28 – $160
Bestselling ItemsPearl jewelry, gold jewelry, charm braceletsLayered gold chains, birthstone rings, mixed metal earrings
Materials14k gold, genuine leather, real pearls and gemstonesGold vermeil, plated metals, acrylic stones
QualityInvestment, heirloom-quality piecesFashionable but less durable jewelry
StyleRetro, feminine, elegantBold, organic, statement
AudienceCareer women, luxury shoppersFashion girls, teens, younger crowd

Overview of Kate Spade

Kate Spade Jewelry

Kate Spade was founded in 1993 by designer Kate Spade and her husband Andy.

Based in New York City, Kate Spade’s first designs were modern handbags that proved popular among working women.

The brand quickly expanded into other accessories and home goods.

After being acquired by Liz Claiborne in 2006, Kate Spade continued to grow rapidly.

Today, Kate Spade has over 140 retail stores across the United States and internationally.

Key pros of Kate Spade include:

  • Iconic, established brand name with rich history dating back to 1993
  • Sophisticated, ladylike aesthetic with an emphasis on polished, versatile styles
  • High-quality construction and attention to detail with meticulous finishing
  • Wide range of products including handbags, jewelry, apparel, shoes, accessories
  • Higher price points with most jewelry retailing between $50 – $400
  • Strong brand identity tied to founder Kate Spade’s vision of functional, feminine style

Potential cons of Kate Spade:

  • More conservative styling may not appeal to trendier shoppers
  • Higher prices can be prohibitive, especially for younger buyers
  • Strong association with the 1990s and early 2000s styles
  • Less variety and more limited selection compared to other brands

Overall, Kate Spade is a fashion juggernaut known for its upscale yet playful American style. The brand has an established reputation for quality and timeless designs.

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Overview of Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Founded in 2002 by designer Kendra Scott, this brand quickly gained fame for its customizable jewelry with interchangeable stones and unique silhouettes.

Based in Austin, Texas, Kendra Scott has a free-spirited aesthetic rooted in the founder’s personal style.

The brand has expanded to offer home decor, fragrances, and beauty products in addition to its signature jewelry.

The key pros of Kendra Scott include:

  • On-trend, fashion-forward styles focused on customization and mixing materials
  • Creativity and ability to personalize pieces with charms and interchangeable stones
  • Lower price points, typically retailing $30 – $150 for most jewelry
  • Strong e-commerce business and social media presence
  • Core collection pieces offered at an accessible price point under $100
  • Fun, of-the-moment aesthetic that appeals to younger buyers

Possible cons of Kendra Scott:

  • Rapid expansion has diminished brand cachet amongst luxury buyers
  • Perceived as less sophisticated and more mass-market than other brands
  • Styles tend to be trend-driven rather than timeless
  • Quality and materials may not be as luxe as the pricing implies
  • Oversaturation and extensive retail presence weakens exclusivity

Kendra Scott delivers great options for fashion-forward jewelry that won’t break the bank. The brand name has skyrocketed thanks to their focus on customization and aggregating trends.

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Key Differences Between Kate Spade And Kendra Scott

While Kate Spade and Kendra Scott both offer playful, feminine fashion jewelry, from their heritage to their design aesthetic, there are noticeable contrasts between the two brands.

  • Brand personality and history: Kate Spade has a preppy, sophisticated image that calls back to its origins in the 90s NYC fashion world. Kendra Scott embodies laidback, Austin-inspired vibes with boho details.
  • Design style: Kate Spade’s hallmark is classic, ladylike pieces like pearl necklaces and precious metals. Kendra Scott has more of-the-moment items like layered gold chains and vibrant stone mixes.
  • Customization: Kendra Scott is known for personalized jewelry like engraved nameplates and birthstone pieces. Most Kate Spade jewelry has pre-set designs.
  • Price: The majority of Kate Spade jewelry ranges from $78 to $398 while Kendra Scott’s standard collection is priced between $30 and $100.
  • Audience: Kate Spade appeals to career women and luxury shoppers. Kendra Scott designs for fashion girls, teens, and younger buyers.

So while both offer plenty of necklaces, earrings, rings, and more, Kate Spade caters to sophisticated tastes on a higher budget. Kendra Scott is better suited for shoppers who want fun, share-worthy jewelry for everyday wear.

Kate Spade Jewelry: Bestsellers and Styles

As an established fashion house, Kate Spade’s jewelry selection includes classic pieces that embody their preppy aesthetic alongside trend-driven options and seasonal collections. Here are some of their most popular jewelry styles that reflect the Kate Spade brand DNA.

  • Pearl Jewelry

From necklaces to drop earrings, pearls are synonymous with Kate Spade. Both faux and genuine pearls feature prominently in their feminine, retro-inspired designs. Dainty multi-strand pearl necklaces and pearl studs are easy essentials.

  • Gold Plated Metals

14k gold plating gives Kate Spade jewelry a luxe feel. Clean-lined cuff bracelets, geometric studs, and signet rings all use shiny gold finishes. Sophisticated styles are elevated by the precious metal detailing.

  • Charms and Logo Pendants

Charms and pendants featuring the Kate Spade logo, like the brand’s “Spade” icon, add signature flair. Charm necklaces and bracelets lined with whimsical delights capture the brand’s quirky refinement.

  • Enamel and Glass Jewelry

Vivid enamel designs and glittering glass stones inject playful pops of color. Retro-tinged floral motifs, tortoiseshell patterns, and tennis bracelets with colorful stones all incorporate the eye-catching materials.

  • Statement Earrings

Oversized drop earrings decked out with vibrant stones, sculptural shapes, or ornate metals make a dramatic impact. These bold baubles perfectly align with Kate Spade’s “more is more” aesthetic. Watch some collections of this brand from this video!

Kendra Scott Jewelry: Bestsellers and Styles

When browsing Kendra Scott’s vast selection, expect to see lots of variety encompassing their most sought-after designs and signature customization options.

  • Layered Gold Chains

Mixing multiple delicate gold chains creates an on-trend layered look. Choker lengths, paperclip links, and add-on charms let you build out personalized necklaces.

  • Colorful Stone Mixes

Kendra Scott is known for blending materials, like pairing purple agate with iridescent druzy. Mismatched earrings also incorporate this eclectic stone mixing.

  • Birthstone Jewelry

Their birthstone collection includes necklaces, rings, and earrings spotlighting your month’s signature gem. Engraving names or dates makes these meaningful keepsakes.

  • Boho Inspired

Natural stones, carved wood, tassel accents, and animal motifs tap into Kendra Scott’s laidback Austin roots. Dreamcatchers and celestial designs also channel a bohemian vibe.

  • Personalized Jewelry

Kendra Scott offers extensive customization options like engravable nameplates and changeable birthstones so you can make classic pieces your own.

Kate Spade And Kendra Scott: Quality and Materials

When considering durability and materials, Kate Spade jewelry clearly edges out Kendra Scott in terms of luxury finishes and quality craftsmanship.

Most Kate Spade jewelry uses 14k gold plating, genuine leather, and real pearls and gemstones. Metals have substantial weight and stone settings are very secure. Byzantine chain bracelets, signature ‘Kate Spade’ lockets, and other designs are built to last.

Kendra Scott opts for materials like gold vermeil and plated metals which have shorter lifespans. Their focus is more on delivering eye-catching styles using acrylic stones and less expensive crystals than investment pieces. Some customers report stones falling out after a few wears.

For shoppers wanting forever jewelry pieces made with precious metals and genuine stones, Kate Spade is the way to go. Those who prioritize quantity over quality and staying on top of trends might prefer Kendra Scott.

Pricing Comparison

In line with their higher-end materials and reputation, Kate Spade jewelry commands noticeably higher prices compared to Kendra Scott. The price range for most Kate Spade jewelry spans:

  • Earrings: $48 – $128
  • Rings: $38 – $78
  • Necklaces: $58 – $348
  • Bracelets: $42 – $88

Kendra Scott delivers more inexpensive price points:

  • Earrings: $30 – $80
  • Rings: $28 – $100
  • Necklaces: $40 – $150
  • Bracelets: $35 – $160

For shoppers on a tight budget, Kendra Scott’s affordable options under $50 are appealing. But for a special occasion splurge or forever jewelry, Kate Spade may justify the investment.

Kate Spade And Kendra Scott: Style Comparison

While both brands design jewelry for women, their specific aesthetics differ quite a bit. Here’s a style snapshot of each:

  • Kate Spade’s style: Classic, retro-inspired, Parisian influences, pearls, bows, floral motifs, ladylike silhouettes, signature Spade branding
  • Kendra Scott’s style: Boho chic, natural stones, bold gold, southwestern and celestial accents, oversized pieces, eclectic mixes, customizable

Kate Spade has a polished, elegant aesthetic that mixes vintage details with modern styling. Kendra Scott embraces the laidback cool vibe of its Austin roots with daring colors and architectural shapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Kendra Scott’s biggest competitor?

Kate Spade is considered one of Kendra Scott’s top competitors, along with brands like BaubleBar, Gorjana, Stella & Dot, and Anthropologie. As established fashion houses with a strong jewelry focus, Kate Spade and Kendra Scott cater to a similar target demographic.

Is Kendra Scott worth?

Whether Kendra Scott jewelry is worth the price depends on customer priorities. The designs are on-trend and fun statement pieces. But the brand focuses more on delivering a range of styles at an accessible price point than luxury materials. For some buyers, Kendra Scott is absolutely worth it for the look rather than longevity.

Is Kendra Scott a jewelry brand?

Yes, Kendra Scott is primarily known as a jewelry brand. They specialize in offering trendy, customized jewelry like layered necklaces, birthstone rings, and mixed metal earrings. Although Kendra Scott has expanded into items like home decor, candles, beauty products, and accessories, jewelry remains their most popular category.

Final Thoughts

So should you shop Kate Spade or Kendra Scott jewelry? Here are some key factors to help choose which brand best fits your style.

  • For luxury materials, go with Kate Spade. The quality craftsmanship ensures you can wear and treasure their pieces for years to come.
  • If you want fashion-forward looks, pick Kendra Scott. Their innovative use of color and personalized options keep up with jewelry trends.
  • Opt for Kate Spade for investment pieces. Timeless designs in pearls, gold, and gemstones make Kate Spade perfect for forever jewelry.
  • Go with Kendra Scott if you’re on a budget. Their lower prices under $100 keep their jewelry accessible for most buyers.
  • Choose Kate Spade for a sophisticated style. With polish, poise, and ladylike charm, Kate Spade codes as the more luxe option.
  • Select Kendra Scott for casual everyday style. Their eclectic vibe and bold jewelry are fun for daily wear.
  • Pick the brand that matches your aesthetic. Kate Spade’s classic femininity contrasts beautifully with Kendra Scott’s organic edge.

Both Kate Spade and Kendra Scott deliver stunning jewelry options. By weighing factors like budget, quality, and personal style preferences, you can choose which brand offers the right fit. Let these iconic designers add a touch of glamour and personality to your jewelry collection.

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