Fruit Bouquets Vs. Edible Arrangements: Which Is The Better Gift?

Giving gift baskets and fresh fruit arrangements has become increasingly popular over the years. Two major players in this industry are and Edible Arrangements. But which one offers better quality and value for your money when you need to order a delicious fruit basket online?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Fruit Bouquets and Edible Arrangements side-by-side, looking at key factors like price, selection, customization, and more. Read on to see which company comes out on top for fruit bouquets and arranged fruit gifts!

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesFruitBouquets.comEdible Arrangements
Pricing$30 – $50 for smaller bouquets$50 – $100+ for larger bouquets
SelectionHundreds of bouquets and gifts1,800+ arrangement options
CustomizationMore adjustable parameters per bouquetSome modifications like extra fruit
Delivery Speed90% within 24 hrsMore locations for same-day delivery
QualityFresh, tasty fruit that lastsExcellent freshness and presentation
Customer ServiceVery responsive online repsCan vary due to franchises
Best ForBudget-friendly pricesMaximizing gift convenience

Overview Of Fruitbouquets.Com is an online retailer that specializes in delivering fruit bouquets and other specialty fruit gifts nationwide. They offer same-day delivery for most areas when orders are placed by 2 PM local time.

The company was one of the pioneers in the fresh fruit bouquet gift industry when they started in 1999. The concept was new – hand-sculpted bouquets made of fresh fruit that looked like floral arrangements. Their trademark fruit bouquets come in different sizes and themes for any occasion.

Beyond bouquets, also offers chocolate-dipped fruit boxes, fruit and snack baskets, bakery gifts, and more. Their fruit arrangements are creatively designed to impress the recipient.

Overview Of Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is’s chief competitor. They popularised the concept of sculpted fresh fruit designs and now have over 1,200 franchise locations worldwide. Their brand name recognition soared in the 2000s.

Edible Arrangements
Edible Arrangements

Like, Edible Arrangements specialises in ornate bouquets and gifts made of fresh sliced fruit and dipped in chocolate. They offer same-day hand-delivery for arrangements ordered online. Their designs incorporate melons, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and apple slices into bouquets, gift boxes, and trays.

In addition to fruit arrangements, Edible Arrangements sells fresh fruit smoothies, fruit salads, chocolate-dipped fruit, and other fruit-based gifts. They expanded their menu in recent years while staying true to their fruit art focus.

Factors For Comparison

Now that you know a bit about each company, let’s drill down into the details and see how they stack up across several key factors:

  • Price

When it comes to price, generally has more affordable options than Edible Arrangements. offers mini bouquets and gifts starting around $30. Standard-sized bouquets run from $40-$50.

Edible Arrangements’ pricing starts around $50 for smaller arrangements and tops out above $100 for their largest grand-sized bouquets. So you’ll typically pay at least $10-20 more per arrangement with Edible.

That said, Edible Arrangements does offer more frequent discounts and coupons, especially around holidays. This can help offset their generally higher prices.

  • Selection and Customization

Both companies offer a wide selection of creatively-designed fresh fruit bouquets and gifts. Edible Arrangements estimates they have over 1,800 design options. also has hundreds of bouquets and gifts to choose from their catalog. may have a slight edge when it comes to customization and personalization options. Each bouquet has drop-down fields where you can include a custom card message and choose different fillers like nuts or chocolates.

Edible Arrangements does allow some modified customization like adding extra fruit or swapping chocolate dips. But seems to offer more parameter options per bouquet.

  • Delivery and Availability

Due to its wider franchise store presence, Edible Arrangements can deliver to more locations same-day or next-day. has more limited same-day availability based on the delivery radius from its warehouse locations.

So if you need a rush delivery gift, Edible Arrangements has better guaranteed fast shipping. But still delivers well over 90% of its bouquets and gifts within 24 hours nationwide. So most areas have quick turnaround.

In terms of order cut-off times, Edible Arrangements and both have 2 PM local delivery time ordering deadlines during the week for same-day delivery. Edible Arrangements does have more weekend cut-off flexibility with stores.

  • Quality

When it comes to fruit freshness and bouquet quality, both Edible Arrangements and Fruit Bouquets get high marks. The sliced fruit tastes delicious, the arrangements stay fresh for 5-7 days, and most customers have been satisfied with their orders.

Some customer reviews indicate’s arrangements may include slightly more filler fruits like grapes. But quality wise, it’s hard to pick a clear winner here. Both companies have perfected the art of delivering beautiful, tasty fruit bouquet gifts.

  • Customer Service and Edible Arrangements also deliver pleasing customer service experiences overall. Both offer easy online ordering, gift tracking, and helpful customer reps if any delivery issues occur. may have a bit of an advantage by being an online-only company. Their customer service team is very responsive by phone and email if contacted. Since Edible Arrangements has franchised stores and outsourced drivers, customer service quality can vary more.

But most customers of both brands report friendly service and enjoyable ordering experiences. You really can’t go wrong with either in terms of customer service.

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Fruit Bouquet Gift Occasions

Fruit bouquets make fantastic gifts for so many occasions beyond the standard birthdays and anniversaries. Here are just some of the reasons and occasions to brighten someone’s day with an imaginative fruit arrangement gift:

Edible Arrangements
  • Get well gift for ill friends or family
  • Congratulations on a new baby or engagement
  • Sympathy and condolence gift for a loss
  • Housewarming gift for new homeowners
  • Holiday gifts like Valentines Day, Easter, and Christmas
  • High school or college graduations
  • Appreciation gift for teachers and coaches
  • Closing gift for home buyers and real estate agents
  • Retirement and farewell gifts

And so many more occasions! Fruit bouquet gifts add a wow-factor to any special day.

Advantages Of Fruit Vs. Flower Bouquets

Why send fruit instead of traditional floral bouquets? Here are some great benefits that make fruit bouquets a top gift choice:

  • Longer lasting – Fruit lasts 5-7 days while flowers wilt more quickly
  • Adds variety – Fruit makes a nice change from typical flower arrangements
  • Healthy choice – Fruit offers vitamins and antioxidants
  • Customizable – Unique fillers like dipped chocolate or cake pops can be added
  • Supports American farmers – Most fruit is locally sourced from US orchards
  • Kid-friendly – Kids love the sweet treat of chocolate-dipped fruit

Next time you need to order a gift, consider surprising your loved ones with a gorgeous edible fruit bouquet!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Edible Arrangements competitors?

Edible Arrangements’ top competitors in the carved fresh fruit bouquet industry are, Shari’s Berries, and Harry & David. Smaller competitors include and which offer some fruit baskets and gifts.

Is FruitBouquets legit?

Yes, is a legitimate and reputable company. They are part of the 21Vianet group and have been delivering high quality fruit bouquets nationwide since 1999.

When did Edible Arrangements change their name?

In 2019, Edible Arrangements announced it was rebranding to Edible. They expanded their product lines beyond fruit arrangements to a wider array of fresh fruit, smoothies, chocolate dipped fruit, and other related gifts. However, many people still know them best as Edible Arrangements.

What company owns Edible Arrangements?

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The Verdict

So, in summary, when choosing between Fruit Bouquets Vs. Edible Arrangements, you really can’t go wrong with either brand. Both offer stunning, delicious fresh fruit designs perfect for any gift-giving occasion. tends to have more affordable pricing and ample customization options.

Edible Arrangements counters with strong brand recognition and same-day delivery coverage thanks to its franchise locations. Whichever you choose, your recipient is sure to love one of these mouthwatering fruit bouquet gifts!

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