FlexPro Meals Vs. Trifecta: Better Prepared Meal Delivery

Prepared meal delivery services have exploded in popularity in recent years. With busy schedules, many people find it difficult to cook healthy meals at home. That’s where companies like FlexPro Meals and Trifecta come in.

They deliver pre-made, nutritious meals right to your door. But which one is better? Here’s an in-depth comparison of FlexPro Meals and Trifecta to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryFlexPro MealsTrifecta
Pricing$8-$12 per meal$9-$15 per meal
Order MinimumAs low as 6 meals/week12 meals/week minimum
Diet TypesKeto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, standardKeto, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, standard
Menu VarietyVery extensiveMore limited
Meal FormatMicrowave traysVacuum sealed pouches
Taste ReviewsGood overallExceptional freshness and taste
Additional ProductsNoneSmoothies, juices, breakfast items

Overview Of Flexpro Meals

FlexPro Meals
FlexPro Meals

FlexPro Meals offers fully prepared meals tailored to different diet and lifestyle needs. Their nutritious meals are never frozen and use high-quality ingredients.

Some key features of FlexPro Meals:

  • Meal plans for keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, and standard healthy diets
  • Never frozen meals shipped fresh
  • Meals delivered 1-4 times per week depending on plan
  • Around 500-600 calories per meal
  • Meals come in microwave-safe trays – just heat and eat
  • Most dietary preferences accommodated
  • Meals have generally positive taste reviews

FlexPro has meal plans ranging from 6 to 18 meals per week, with prices from $8-$12 per meal.

Overview Of Trifecta

Trifecta offers completely organic prepared meals with a focus on sustainability and high-quality ingredients.

Their meals arrive fresh and vacuum sealed.

Some key features of Trifecta:

  • Organic ingredients from sustainable farms
  • Meals delivered weekly
  • Around 400-500 calories per meal
  • Meals come vacuum sealed and refrigerated
  • Plans available for keto, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and standard healthy diets
  • Excellent taste and freshness of meals

Trifecta meal plans range from 6 to 30 meals per week, with meal prices from $9-$15.

Comparison Between Flexpro Meals And Trifecta


Meal Quality

When it comes to taste and freshness, both services get good reviews. Trifecta perhaps has a slight edge for exceptionally fresh, delicious tasting meals. Their organic ingredients and sustainable sourcing really come through in the meal quality.

FlexPro’s meals are also tasty and fresh, though some reviewers find certain meals average. But FlexPro offers more flexibility and variety with larger menu offerings.

Both services offer meals tailored to different dietary needs like keto and paleo. For vegetarian and vegan, Trifecta seems to have a more inspired and creative plant-based menu.

Meal Plan Options

FlexPro has more choice in the number and frequency of meals ordered per week – options range from 6 meals per week to 18. Trifecta’s plans offer 6-30 meals per week.

Both services have weekly deliveries. For maximum convenience, Trifecta may have an edge with their vacuum sealed meals that last longer in the fridge. FlexPro’s microwave trays mean less prep before eating.

For those wanting to order just a few meals or try the service temporarily, FlexPro is likely the better choice given the lower minimum order.

Meal Calories & Nutrition

The calories per meal are fairly similar between the two companies. Both aim to provide satisfying portion sizes while keeping calories in a healthy range of 400-600 per meal.

In terms of nutritional quality, Trifecta has the benefit of all organic ingredients. Their meals feature nutrient-dense whole foods.

However, FlexPro also offers healthy, balanced meals using quality ingredients. Both services provide complete nutrition info with orders.

For specialized diets like keto and paleo that emphasize higher protein and healthy fats, the nutrition profile of Trifecta’s meals may have an advantage. But FlexPro also caters well to these diets.

Pricing and Cost Comparison

Trifecta’s meal prices range from $9-$15 per meal depending on the plan. FlexPro’s meals cost slightly less ranging from $8-$12 per meal.

Both services provide similar pricing tiers – the more meals ordered per week, the lower the per-meal cost. Overall, FlexPro comes out as the slightly more affordable option.

However, cost may depend on order size too. For smaller orders, FlexPro’s lower minimum may be better value. For larger weekly orders, Trifecta may provide greater value through bulk discounts.

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Additional Services

Aside from prepared meals, Trifecta offers specialized a la carte items like breakfasts, sides, juices, and desserts. They also have new products like protein bites and smoothies.

FlexPro is more focused on the prepared meals themselves. However, they have a wider selection of meals covering different cuisines and dietary needs.

For add-ons like protein powders and supplements, Trifecta has a good selection available. FlexPro does not currently offer additional supplements or health products.

Pros And Cons Of FlexPro Meals And Trifecta

FlexPro Meals


  • Lower minimum order and flexible meal frequency options
  • Microwave-ready trays for quick heating
  • Large variety of meal choices and cuisines
  • Accommodates nearly any dietary needs
  • Competitively priced meals starting at $8


  • Some variability in taste reviews of certain meals
  • Limited choice of add-ons compared to Trifecta
  • Meals not organic



  • Organic, sustainable ingredients
  • Exceptionally fresh and delicious meals
  • Good for specialized diets like keto and plant-based
  • Additional products like smoothies and juices
  • Mobile app for convenient ordering and tracking


  • Higher minimum order requirements
  • Slightly higher meal costs from $9-$15 per meal
  • Smaller total menu selection compared to FlexPro

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FlexPro meals real?

Yes, FlexPro Meals is a legitimate prepared meal delivery service. They’ve been in business since 2015 and deliver fresh, never frozen meals across most of the continental US.

Is trifecta nutrition worth it?

For many, Trifecta is worth the higher meal costs thanks to the exceptional organic ingredients and delicious taste. Trifecta does an outstanding job tailoring meals to different diets like keto and vegan. For those wanting high-quality nutrition, Trifecta is a great choice.

Are FlexPro meals good for bodybuilding?

FlexPro can work well for bodybuilding and athletic needs. While they don’t have bodybuilder-specific meal plans, their regular meals are high in protein and low in carbs. FlexPro allows for customizing meal macro ratios too. For convenience and more budget-friendly pricing, FlexPro is a solid choice.

Who are trifecta meals competitors?

Some of Trifecta’s main competitors in the prepared meal delivery space include:
Freshly – top competitor offering meal plans for different diets
Factor75 – known for locally-sourced, diet-specific meals
Veestro – leading plant-based prepared meal service
Snap Kitchen – retail and direct-to-consumer meal delivery
Muscle Meals 2 Go – popular prepped meals for fitness/bodybuilding

Watch the video to know more about FlexPro meals!


Overall, these are two excellent prepared meal delivery services. Choosing between them largely depends on your needs and preferences.

Those wanting organic meals with excellent freshness and taste may find Trifecta superior. Trifecta is also a great choice for specialized diets with their nutritious ingredient sourcing.

For maximum affordability and flexibility in ordering, FlexPro gets the edge. They accommodate nearly any diet and offer a huge variety of meal choices.

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In summary:

  • Trifecta is best for those wanting organic, sustainable meals tailored to their diet
  • FlexPro is ideal for affordability and convenience thanks to lower minimums and meal variety
  • Both services deliver fresh, nutritious meals with a user-friendly ordering process

When choosing, consider your budget, dietary needs, preferred meal variety and flavors, and importance of organic. Ordering a sample or trial from both services can help decide which you prefer.

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