Electrolux EFLW7637AT Vs. EFLS7537AT: Comparing Washers

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine, you may be considering the Electrolux EFLW7637AT front load washer and the EFLS7537AT top load washer. These two washers share some great features but also have key differences.

This comprehensive guide will compare the Electrolux 7637 and 7537 washers to help you decide which is the right one for your home.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureEFLW7637AT Front Load WasherEFLS7537AT Top Load Washer
Washer TypeFront LoadTop Load
Capacity4.4 cu. ft.4.5 cu. ft.
Cycles15 cycles12 cycles
Steam OptionYesNo
Sanitize CycleYes, kills 99% bacteriaYes, kills 99% bacteria + 95% allergens
Adaptive FillNoYes
Built-in FaucetNoYes
Energy EfficiencyENERGY STAR certifiedENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2021
Matching DryerPerfect SteamTM DryerPerfect SteamTM Dryer
Estimated Lifespan10-12 years10-12 years
ProsVery efficient, steamoption, large capacityLower cost, easy loading, built-in faucet
ConsHigher cost, front loadingUses more water, slower wash times

Overview Of The EFLW7637AT Front Load Washer

The Electrolux EFLW7637AT is a 4.4 cubic foot capacity front load washer. As a front loader, this washer is more water and energy efficient than a traditional top load machine.

Electrolux EFLW7637AT
Electrolux EFLW7637AT

Some of the key features of the EFLW7637AT include:

  • Large 4.4 cu. ft. capacity
  • Front load design for efficiency
  • Steam option to freshen and sanitize clothes
  • 15 wash cycles including quick wash options
  • Sanitize cycle kills 99% of bacteria without bleach
  • IQ-Touch controls with cycle status lights
  • Perfect SteamTM Dryer matching dryer available
  • ENERGY STAR® certified

The EFLW7637AT uses steam to naturally freshen fabrics and reduce odors and wrinkles. The steam also moistens fabrics to reduce static. The sanitize cycle uses the power of steam to kill 99% of bacteria without harsh bleach.

This front load washer is designed for efficiency with features like an internal water heater and precision fill to use just the right amount of water. The EFLW7637AT has a 4.4 cubic foot capacity so you can wash larger loads.

The washer uses IQ-Touch controls with cycle status lights. These provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The Perfect SteamTM dryer is available to complete your laundry pair with matching features.

Overall, the Electrolux EFLW7637AT is an efficient and high-tech front load washer ideal for anyone who wants excellent cleaning performance with advanced fabric care.

Overview Of The EFLS7537AT Top Load Washer

The Electrolux EFLS7537AT is a 4.5 cubic foot capacity top load washer designed for easy loading and flexibility. As a top loader, this washer provides a more traditional washing machine experience with some smart features.

Key features of the EFLS7537AT include:

Electrolux EFLS7537AT
Electrolux EFLS7537AT
  • Large 4.5 cu. ft. capacity
  • Top load design for easy loading
  • Built-in water faucet for pre-treating stains
  • 12 wash cycles including quick options
  • Sanitize cycle kills bacteria and removes allergens
  • Perfect SteamTM Dryer matching dryer available
  • ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2021

This Electrolux top loader allows you to pre-treat stains right in the washer with the built-in water faucet. The sanitize cycle removes 99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens for fresher, cleaner clothes.

The washer provides flexibility with 12 wash cycles plus custom programming. Options like rapid wash get clothes clean in about 30 minutes. Adaptive fill senses load size and adds just the right amount of water.

With a 4.5 cubic foot capacity, the EFLS7537AT can handle larger loads. The Perfect SteamTM dryer perfectly pairs with the washer. This ENERGY STAR Most Efficient top loader combines flexibility and smart features.

Overall, the Electrolux EFLS7537AT is ideal for those who prefer a top load washer with time-saving performance and convenient stain treatment.

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EFLW7637AT Front Load Washer Pros And Cons

Let’s now dive deeper into the pros and cons of the Electrolux EFLW7637AT front load washer:


  • Very efficient and saves water
  • Steam option provides extra cleaning power
  • Sanitize cycle thoroughly kills bacteria without bleach
  • Large 4.4 cu. ft. capacity for big loads
  • Quiet performance
  • Matching Perfect SteamTM dryer available


  • Higher initial cost than top load washers
  • Front loaders require bending to load and unload
  • Small children may have difficulty reaching into tub
  • Must leave door open after cycles to avoid mildew

The EFLW7637AT is an excellent front load washer choice if you want the best in cleaning performance and efficiency. The addition of steam and sanitize gives it superior stain fighting and germ killing abilities. The large capacity also allows you to wash more in each load.

The main downsides are the higher purchase price and the need to bend to access the front-loading tub. You also have to be diligent about leaving the door open between washes to avoid mildew buildup. However, overall the performance benefits likely outweigh these minor inconveniences for most buyers.

EFLS7537AT Top Load Washer Pros And Cons

Here are the key pros and cons for the Electrolux EFLS7537AT top load washing machine:


  • Lower purchase price than front load washers
  • Top loading design provides easy access
  • Built-in faucet allows pre-treating stains
  • Large 4.5 cubic foot capacity
  • Sanitize cycle kills germs and allergens
  • Adaptive fill customizes water levels
  • Matching Perfect SteamTM dryer available

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  • Uses more water and energy than front load washers
  • Agitator may snag or damage delicate fabrics
  • Shorter cycles but slower overall wash times
  • No steam option

The EFLS7537AT top loader is a great option for those wanting an affordable but high performance washer. Key benefits include the easy loading access, built-in faucet, sanitize cycle, and adaptive fill features. Larger families will also appreciate the big 4.5 cubic foot capacity.

Downsides include higher water usage compared to front loaders along with longer total wash times. The central agitator can also damage delicate fabrics over time. However, the convenience and flexibility of a top load design combined with smart features make this washer a compelling choice for many households.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the capacity of the EFLW7637AT?

The EFLW7637AT front load washer has a capacity of 4.4 cubic feet. This allows you to wash larger loads in each cycle.

Is Electrolux SmartBoost worth it?

Electrolux SmartBoost provides an extra blast of cleaning power by extending the wash time and adding more water during key parts of the cycle. For tough stains, it can be worth using to boost the regular cycle.

Is Electrolux washer and dryer a good brand?

Yes, Electrolux is known for making high-quality, reliable washers and dryers for home use. They offer great cleaning performance and fabric care capabilities. Their matching washer-dryer sets provide excellent full laundry solutions.

How long do Electrolux washers last?

You can expect an Electrolux washer to last approximately 10-12 years with proper maintenance and care. Some last even longer. Their washers are designed for reliability and durability.

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To recap, the Electrolux EFLW7637AT front load washer provides excellent cleaning power, efficiency, and fabric care through features like steam and sanitize cycles. But the EFLS7537AT top load washer offers greater convenience and flexibility along with smart features like a built-in faucet and adaptive fill.

Consider your budget, laundry needs, and preferences for front versus top load when deciding between these two great options. Both Electrolux washers are designed to provide years of reliable service and keep your clothes looking their best.

With large capacities, cycle flexibility, and extra features like steam or built-in faucets, you can’t go wrong with either the EFLW7637AT or EFLS7537AT for handling all your household’s laundry needs. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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