DoorDash Vs. Favor: Which Food Delivery Service Pays More?

Food delivery services like DoorDash and Favor provide a convenient way for people to order takeout from local restaurants straight to their door. But for delivery drivers, the big question is: which service offers the best pay?

Here’s an in-depth look at DoorDash Vs. Favor pay and policies to help you decide which is the better option.

A Brief Comparison Table

Base Pay Per Delivery$2 – $10+ per delivery based on distance, duration, etc.$2.50 – $5 flat fee per delivery
TipsKeep 100% of customer tipsKeep 100% of customer tips
BonusesPeak pay bonuses, challengesSurge pricing multipliers, challenges
Order VolumeHigh, largest market shareLower than DoorDash, focused in Texas
PerksMileage reimbursement, discounts, insuranceSome referral bonuses
Driver RequirementsDriver signup can require waitlistCan start driving sooner, no waitlist
Pay ScheduleWeekly direct depositWeekly direct deposit
Best ForMaximizing per delivery earningsDriving during peak times

How Does DoorDash Pay Work?

With DoorDash, drivers earn money in a few different ways:

  • Per delivery fees: DoorDash pays a base pay per delivery that varies based on factors like distance, duration, and desirability. The minimum is usually $2-3 but can go up to $10 or more for longer deliveries.
  • Customer tips: Customers have the option to tip on each DoorDash order. 100% of tips go directly to the Dasher. For larger orders, tips tend to be higher.
  • Promotions and bonuses: DoorDash offers Peak Pay bonuses during busy times, challenges for completing a certain number of deliveries, and referral bonuses for signing up new drivers. These can help boost earnings.

The base pay and tips are your main sources of income. DoorDash also offers benefits like mileage reimbursement, occupational accident insurance, and discounts on things like cell phone plans and roadside assistance.

Favor Driver Pay Details

Favor works a bit differently when it comes to driver pay:

  • Per delivery fee: Favor pays a flat fee of $2.50 – $5 per delivery based on factors like time, distance and order size. Bigger orders tend to have higher delivery fees.
  • Tips: Like DoorDash, Favor customers have the option to tip on each order. 100% of tips go to the driver.
  • Surge pricing: During busy times, Favor adds surge multipliers that can double or triple the flat delivery fees. This encourages drivers to work during peak hours.

Other potential income sources include referral bonuses if you get friends to sign up as drivers, incentives for completing a certain number of deliveries in a month, and customer cash tips.

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Pros Of Driving For DoorDash

Here are some of the biggest advantages of earning money as a DoorDash driver:

  • Higher base pay per order. DoorDash’s base pay of $2 – $10+ per delivery is hard to beat.
  • Keep 100% of tips. All tips from customers go directly to the Dasher. Big tips can mean great earnings.
  • More order volume. DoorDash has a huge market share, meaning more orders and more earning opportunities.
  • Peak pay bonuses. DoorDash offers bonuses of a few extra dollars per delivery during busy times.
  • Dasher benefits. Perks like occupational insurance and mileage reimbursement provide useful benefits.
  • No set schedule. Dash whenever it fits your schedule – no strict hours required.

Pros Of Driving For Favor


Although DoorDash takes the lead in base pay, here are some advantages that Favor offers:

  • Faster signup. In some markets Favor has no waitlist, allowing you to start ASAP. With DoorDash, the wait can be weeks or months.
  • Surge pricing. Multipliers of 2x or more the flat fee during busy times allow for excellent earnings if you drive at the right times.
  • Cash tips. Some customers tip cash on arrival, which drivers keep on top of in-app tips.
  • More reliability. During slow times with not many orders, Favor’s flat-fee system provides more consistent earnings.
  • Local service. Favor is Texas-based, while DoorDash operates nationwide. Some prefer supporting a local business.
  • Fewer miles. Favor deliveries tend to be shorter urban routes compared to DoorDash. Easy on your car!

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Key Factors That Affect Earnings

Aside from the base pay rates, here are some important factors that can determine how much you earn delivering for DoorDash Vs. Favor:

  • Your market. Pay rates and order volume vary city by city. Check the typical earnings for your metro.
  • Number of hours. The more you drive, the more you can make – especially at peak times.
  • Customer tips. Higher average tips will mean better pay. Target areas with higher incomes.
  • Delivery area. Driving in urban cores or dense suburbs means less unpaid miles between deliveries.
  • Order selectivity. Taking strategic orders with higher payouts boosts hourly pay. But beware declines counting against you.
  • Fuel efficiency. A more fuel-efficient vehicle means more of your earnings stay in your pocket. Hybrids can help maximize profit.
  • Promotions and bonuses. Take advantage of promotion opportunities and challenges in both apps.
  • Surge timing. With Favor, schedule shifts to align with peak surges for the biggest delivery fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it better to work for DoorDash or Favor?

For most drivers, DoorDash is the better option thanks to higher base pay rates, more order volume, and better peak pay bonuses. However, Favor’s surge pricing can lead to great earnings during busy times. The best move is often to drive for both when possible.

Who pays more, Uber Eats, DoorDash or Favor?

DoorDash generally offers the highest base pay rates, followed by Uber Eats. Favor’s flat delivery fees are smaller, but surge pricing can result in great earnings during peak times. For the highest and most consistent earnings per order, DoorDash is the best bet.

Who pays more than DoorDash?

Very few competitors consistently beat DoorDash’s base pay rates. Some services may offer higher fees during limited peak times, but no one matches DoorDash for earnings per order overall.

How good is Favor driver pay?

Favor pay is decent thanks to surge pricing bonuses and customer tips. However, the small flat delivery fees can mean lower earnings during slow periods. Favor drivers make the most when driving at the busiest times to maximize surge multipliers.

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The Verdict

Based on the pay structures, here are some key conclusions on whether DoorDash or Favor pays better:

  • DoorDash offers more potential earnings per delivery. With base pay starting at $2 per order plus 100% of tips, DoorDash provides more income per individual order, especially when tips are good.
  • Favor surges help increase earnings during peak times. Favor’s surge pricing during busy hours can greatly boost delivery fees and make driving more profitable at certain times of day.
  • DoorDash offers more consistency. DoorDash’s base pay per delivery provides a more consistent minimum earning per order, regardless of when you’re driving. With Favor, low flat fees can mean lower earnings during slow periods.
  • Favor has lower starting requirements. You can start delivering for Favor faster than with DoorDash, which has a waitlist in many markets. However, DoorDash is still accessible without too much wait in many areas.
  • DoorDash offers more order volume. DoorDash simply has more customer orders than Favor in most U.S. markets, giving you access to more potential deliveries.

So, in most cases, DoorDash offers better overall pay potential thanks to higher base rates and more orders. However, driving for both is an option since Favor’s surge pricing can still be lucrative during peak times.

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