Digital Storm Vs. Build Redux: Which Is Better For Custom PC?

For gaming enthusiasts, few things beat the experience of playing on a high-quality, custom-built gaming PC. The power and performance simply can’t be matched by consoles or off-the-shelf PCs.

However, sorting through the myriad of parts and components to build your own PC from scratch can be daunting. This is where companies that specialize in building custom gaming PCs save the day.

Two of the most well-known providers of pre-built custom gaming PCs are Digital Storm and Build Redux. Both offer an extensive selection of components to customize your perfect gaming rig.

But which one ultimately delivers the better value and customer experience?

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureDigital StormBuild Redux
Component QualityPremium, high-endMix of budget & high-end
CraftsmanshipExtremely high build qualitySolid but not as immaculate
PerformanceCutting edge, ultra powerfulStrong mid-range & budget
ValueExpensive, lower value per dollarGreat bang for your buck
Customer ServiceHighly renownedLess known, but generally good
Shopping ExperienceIntuitive site & configuratorSimpler site, manual config
Turnaround Time5-15 business daysFaster at 1-8 days
WarrantyLifetime labor warranty2 years part replacement

Overview of Digital Storm and Build Redux

Let’s start with a quick rundown of each company before diving into the details:

  • Digital Storm: Founded in 2002, Digital Storm is one of the most established and renowned gaming PC builders. They offer both mid-range and high-end configurations, with a huge selection of components to customize your build. Their PCs come with a lifetime labor warranty.
  • Build Redux: A newer player founded in 2016, Build Redux differentiates themselves through speedy assembly times and a more budget-friendly lineup of custom builds. Their PCs come with a 2 year part replacement warranty.

Now let’s take a deeper look at how they compare across some of the key factors for purchasing a custom gaming PC.

Key Differences Between Digital Storm And Build Redux PC

  • Component Quality & Selection
Digital Storm PC

One of the main benefits of ordering a pre-built PC is getting to handpick your perfect combination of components.

Both Digital Storm and Build Redux offer a wide selection of parts from top brands like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Corsair, and more.

You can configure your PC with the exact CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and other parts that you want.

Digital Storm offers premium quality components across the board, though this comes at a price. Build Redux uses a mix of higher-end and more budget-friendly parts to hit lower price points.

For example, their storage drives and power supplies may use lesser-known brands compared to Digital Storm’s well-known premium brands.

Digital Storm likely has a slight edge when it comes to the quality of every single component, but Build Redux still utilizes reputable parts.

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  • Craftsmanship & Build Quality

You want your expensive gaming PC to last, which makes the quality of assembly and hardware compatibility extremely important. Shoddy construction can negate even the best components.

Digital Storm is obsessive about build quality. Every system undergoes extensive stability and compatibility testing. All wiring and cable management is neat and tidy. Their assembly team is highly trained to construct PCs flawlessly.

Build Redux doesn’t promote their build quality quite as heavily, but they seem to do solid work as well based on customer reviews. One advantage they tout is faster assembly times, with some PCs built and shipped within 72 hours of order.

Their cable management may not be as immaculate as Digital Storm’s.

For those wanting the absolute highest quality craftsmanship, Digital Storm is likely the safer bet. But Build Redux produces nicely built systems as well.

  • Performance & Value

At the end of the day, you want a custom gaming PC that delivers exceptional performance for the money. Both Digital Storm and Build Redux are capable of building high-end PCs packed with top-tier components.

Build Redux PC
Build Redux PC

Digital Storm caters more to the cutting edge high-end, while Build Redux focuses on powerful mid-range builds.

Digital Storm’s premium quality components ensure you extract every last bit of performance, but this comes at a steep price.

While their high-end systems are impressive, you can likely get 80-90% of the performance for significantly less money going with Build Redux.

Build Redux hits a nice sweet spot delivering powerful mid-range and budget builds. You can get strong 1080p or entry-level 1440p gaming performance for hundreds less than Digital Storm’s configurations. They offer excellent bang for your buck without compromising on reputable brands.

For budget-conscious buyers who still want high quality parts, Build Redux delivers excellent value. Digital Storm caters more exclusively to the top-end enthusiast with money being no object.

  • Customer Service

Having great customer service to rely on is important when ordering any complex product online. It gives you confidence you’ll be taken care of if any issues arise.

Digital Storm has cultivated a reputation for excellent customer service over their long history. Their lifetime labor warranty proves they stand behind their work. Representatives are knowledgeable and quick to respond. The few complaints that pop up seem to get resolved swiftly.

As a newer and likely smaller company, Build Redux doesn’t have as much of a customer service track record. But they seem to take care of customers well based on reviews.

Their direct sales model may allow more personalized support. Their shorter 2 year warranty isn’t as generous as Digital Storm’s lifetime coverage, but still solid.

While Digital Storm likely edges out Build Redux in terms of renowned customer service, you should still feel secure purchasing from Build Redux.

  • Customization & Shopping Experience

Ordering a custom PC online requires an intuitive website and shopping experience. You want to easily navigate through configuration options without feeling overwhelmed.

Digital Storm PC

Digital Storm’s website makes it simple to customize components across various price tiers.

Their configurators allow you to easily compare builds and prices as you select each part.

Their site is visually polished and professional.

Build Redux also makes customizing your PC straightforward with different config packages.

Their website has a more basic design. One downside is their PC builder tool lacks a price tally as you go, so you have to manually configure a full build before seeing the total.

Their checkout process also involves a bit more back and forth communicating build details.

Digital Storm’s slickest website and configurators make visualizing and purchasing your perfect PC a bit easier. But Build Redux still gets the job done.

  • Turnaround Time

How long you have to wait for your shiny new custom gaming PC to arrive is an important consideration. Digital Storm builds each system to order and advertises turnaround times of 5 to 15 business days.

Build Redux touts their rapid assembly process taking as little as 1-3 days. This faster delivery is a major perk if you don’t want to wait. That said, the company is likely smaller than Digital Storm, so there’s a chance inventory shortages or demand spikes slow things down.

Their regular turnaround is still advertised at 5 to 8 days which is faster than Digital Storm.

Build Redux appears to have an edge when it comes to getting your system faster. But Digital Storm’s longer timeline also ensures quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Build Redux part of Digital Storm?

No, Build Redux and Digital Storm are completely separate companies competing in the custom PC building space. They have no affiliation.

What company sells good prebuilt PCs?

Some of the top companies for prebuilt gaming PCs include Digital Storm, CLX Gaming, Origin PC, NZXT, CyberPowerPC, and Build Redux. Digital Storm is known for high-end quality while Build Redux specializes in value.

How fast is Build Redux?

Build Redux advertises a 1-3 day assembly time for in-stock builds, with 5-8 days for custom configs. This is faster than competitors like Digital Storm who advertise 5-15 day build times. Build Redux’s rapid assembly is a major advantage.

How long is Build Redux’s warranty?

Build Redux provides a 2 year warranty covering parts replacement. This is not as long as Digital Storm’s lifetime labor warranty, but still solid protection for any manufacturing defects. The warranty proves Build Redux stands behind their build quality.

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Final Verdict

So in the battle of Digital Storm vs. Build Redux, who reigns supreme for your next custom gaming PC?

For those want an uncompromising top-of-the-line build with premium components and craftsmanship, Digital Storm is hard to beat. You pay a premium, but their high-end configurations deliver elite performance worthy of any enthusiast.

Build Redux can’t quite match Digital Storm in overall quality and reputation, but they offer excellent mid-range builds with great value. You can get strong 1080p or entry-level 1440p gaming for hundreds less. Their faster delivery is another nice perk.

It depends how much your budget allows. Build Redux gives you great bang for your buck that still outpaces pre-builts. Digital Storm caters to performance fanatics with cutting edge builds.

Both will provide a quality custom gaming PC. It comes down to your budget and priorities as a buyer. For most, Build Redux hits the sweet spot. But for hardcore enthusiasts who demand the very best, Digital Storm still reigns supreme.

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