Dailylook Vs. Stitch Fix Vs. Wantable: Comparing Women’s Style Boxes

Finding fashion you love can be tough. That’s where clothing subscription boxes come in handy. Dailylook, Stitch Fix, and Wantable are three popular services, but which is best?

In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll analyze the key differences between Dailylook, Stitch Fix and Wantable. Read on to see how these style box options stack up on price, brands, customization, sizing and more.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsDailylookStitch FixWantable
FocusComplete outfitsClothes, shoes, accessoriesClothing only
Pricing$49.95 styling fee$20 styling fee$20 styling fee
SizesXS-XL, some plusXXS-3X, petite to plusXXS-XL, limited plus
Brands50-75 contemporary mix1000+ from basics to luxury100+ mid-tier brands
CustomizationLight stylingVery personalizedModerate styling
Best ForComplete looksHuge brand variety, customizationAffordable clothes discovery

Overview of Dailylook


Founded in 2012, Dailylook is a style box delivering complete head-to-toe outfits customized to each customer. Dailylook’s personal stylists handpick looks based on your style profile.

Key features of Dailylook include:

  1. Curated, head-to-toe looks
  2. Mix of well-known and emerging brands
  3. $49.95 styling fee applied to purchases
  4. New selections sent every 30 days
  5. Free exchanges within 7 days

Dailylook aims to capture effortless California cool style – think laidback elegance, not over-the-top trends.

Overview of Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix pioneered the style box concept in 2011. You fill out a style profile and a personal stylist picks pieces tailored to your taste. Stitch Fix focuses on clothes, shoes and accessories.

Key features of Stitch Fix:

  1. Clothing, shoes, and accessories choices
  2. Mix of recognizable brand names and exclusives
  3. $20 styling fee per box
  4. Schedule shipments monthly, bi-monthly or on demand
  5. Easily buy just what you love

With millions of users, Stitch Fix is the largest company in this space. Their data-driven approach aims to balance familiarity with discovery.

Overview of Wantable


Founded in 2012, Wantable centers style boxes exclusively around three categories – clothes, makeup, or accessories. Their fashion boxes contain about seven curated pieces suited for your work, lifestyle and size.

Key features of Wantable:

  1. Specialized focus on clothing, makeup or accessories
  2. $20 monthly styling fee
  3. Take a short style quiz to match tastes
  4. Shop your preferences or let stylists customize
  5. Free shipping and returns

Wantable seeks to make style accessible and easy through its niche focus on apparel, beauty, or accessories.

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Key Differences Between Dailylook, Stitch Fix And Wantable

  • Comparing Pricing and Fees

Here is how the pricing structures shake out:


  1. $49.95 styling fee per box
  2. Credited towards anything you purchase
  3. 20-40% off retail prices
  4. $25 minimum order

Stitch Fix

  1. $20 styling fee per box
  2. Applied to anything you buy
  3. Items discounted up to 50% off retail
  4. $49 minimum order


  • $20 monthly styling fee
  • Fully applied to anything you keep
  • Typical discount 20-40% off retail
  • No minimum order

All three services charge styling fees per box. Stitch Fix and Wantable cost $20, while Dailylook is $49.95. Wantable and Stitch Fix require minimum purchases around $50 to avoid losing the fee.

For the lowest styling fee and no order minimums, Wantable is the winner on cost. But all three offer discounts on the styles you keep.

  • Sizing and Fit Options

Fit is crucial to looking and feeling your best. Here are the size ranges:


  1. Sizes XS-XL (sizes 0-12)
  2. Petite and maternity options
  3. Some plus extended sizes
Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

  1. Sizes XXS-3X (00-24W)
  2. Petite, tall, and maternity ranges
  3. Expanded plus sizes


  1. Sizes XXS-XL (0-14)
  2. Petite to tall length options
  3. Limited plus size selection

Stitch Fix clearly has the most size diversity, including extended footwear sizing. Wantable has the smallest range, lacking wide width shoes or extended plus sizes.

If you struggle to find clothes due to size or fit issues, Stitch Fix will give you the most options tailored for your body.

  • Brand Selection and Variety

The variety of brands and styles offered can make or break a style box. Here’s how they compare:


  1. Around 50-75 brands
  2. Mix of well-known and emerging designers
  3. Range of styles from edgy to minimalist
  4. Focus on feminine, California-inspired looks

Stitch Fix

  1. 1000+ brands stocked
  2. Wide selection of well-known labels
  3. Exclusive Stitch Fix brands
  4. Large variety of styles covered


  1. 100+ mid-tier contemporary brands
  2. Mainly casual, trendy styles
  3. Limited premium designer labels

Stitch Fix easily wins for carrying the widest array of brands from affordable basics like Universal Thread to luxury options like rag & bone.

Wantable has the narrowest assortment focused on mainly contemporary apparel brands. Dailylook sits in the middle, blending staple brands with up-and-coming designers well.

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  • Customization and Styling

The level of personalization offered can make or break the experience:


  1. Takes style profile, sizes, lifestyle needs into account
  2. Provides complete head-to-toe outfits
  3. $25 Style Upcharge for more customization

Stitch Fix

  1. In-depth style and size profile
  2. Notes section for stylists
  3. Preview selections and pick favorites
  4. Very personalized based on data


  1. Short style quiz to gauge tastes
  2. Can customize each box or get surprise
  3. Provides mainly separates for mixing

Stitch Fix gathers the most profile information and leverages data to hyper-personalize each box. Their selections feel tailored versus random.

Wantable and Dailylook take a lighter approach to styling. Both provide less oversight butuseful guidance on how to integrate pieces.

For control freaks, Stitch Fix is the winner. But the other options work well for those seeking inspiration with flexibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much is the Dailylook styling fee?

Dailylook charges a $49.95 styling fee per box. This fee is applied as credit towards any items you purchase to offset the cost. If you return everything, you forfeit the fee.

Who compares to Stitch Fix?

Some top services similar to Stitch Fix include:
Trunk Club (focused on men’s clothing), Nordstrom’s Trunk Club, Dia & Co (specializing in plus sizes), Trendy Butler, Bombshell Box.

How much are pieces from Wantable?

The typical price range for items from Wantable is $40-$150 with discounts of 20-40% off estimated retail prices. So most pieces end up costing between $30-$120 with your styling fee applied. Wantable sends a mix of contemporary and some premium brands.

What age group is Stitch Fix for?

Stitch Fix works for women across all age groups from 18 and up. They style boxes suited for your personal tastes – whether you are in college or retirement age. The vast brand selection covers looks for young professionals to mature women. Customers span generations, proving Stitch Fix’s versatility.

Final Thought

Here is my verdict after analyzing these leading style box contenders:

Wantable is my top choice strictly for women’s clothes. Their niche focus, affordable fee, and mix of trendy brands edge them out. But selection is lighter on premium designers and extended sizes.

Dailylook shines for complete head-to-toe outfit inspiration that takes the guesswork out of mixing and matching. Their styling fee is high, but Dailylook sends the most ready-to-wear looks.

Stitch Fix is unmatched for personalization capabilities, brand variety, and sizing options. But the styling fee and order minimums are barriers for some. Data-driven choices also mean less surprises.

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The best match depends on your primary needs. Wantable wins for reasonably priced apparel discoveries, while Dailylook is ideal for coordinated outfits. Stitch Fix satisfies those wanting a super customized experience across the widest selection. All three make it easier than ever to elevate your style.

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