Bissell CleanView Vs. PowerClean: Which Vacuum Is Best?

When it comes to vacuuming your home, you want a machine that can thoroughly clean carpets and hard floors without breaking the bank. Two popular models from Bissell are the CleanView and PowerClean vacuums. But how do you know which one is the better option for your needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the Bissell CleanView Vs. PowerClean on critical factors like suction power, features, maneuverability, cost, and more. I’ll provide an unbiased assessment of the pros and cons of each model to help you determine the right Bissell vacuum for your home.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBissell CleanViewBissell PowerClean
Weight15 lbs13 lbs
Cord Length25 ft30 ft
FiltrationWashable foam + pleated filterWashable foam + pleated filter
Suction Power6.5 amps8 amps
Capacity1.0 liter0.9 liter
AttachmentsTurbo brush toolTurbo brush tool
Warranty1 year5 years

Overview Of The Bissell CleanView Vacuum

Bissell CleanView
Bissell CleanView

The Bissell CleanView is a lightweight and affordable vacuum with strong suction power. It uses Bissell’s innovative OnePass Technology which provides powerful suction to lift debris and dirt from your carpets in just one pass.

Some key features of the CleanView include:

  • Multi-level filtration with a washable filter
  • Dirt cup capacity of 2 liters
  • 25-foot power cord
  • 6.5 amp motor
  • Weighs 15 pounds

The vacuum is bagless and has specialized tools like a crevice tool, dusting brush, and turbo brush tool for stairs, furniture, and upholstery. It’s designed for cleaning carpets and area rugs but also works well on hard floors.

The CleanView is very reasonably priced at around $90, making it a great budget-friendly option. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Overview Of The Bissell PowerClean Vacuum

The Bissell PowerClean is a step up from the CleanView and is ideal for whole home cleaning on both carpets and hard floors. It has enhanced suction power plus convenient features not found on the CleanView.

 Bissell PowerClean
Bissell PowerClean

Notable features of the PowerClean include:

  • Strong suction with 10 amp motor
  • Dirt cup capacity of 0.7 liters
  • 30-foot power cord
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Onboard tool storage

The PowerClean uses Bissell’s DirtLifter PowerBrush and innovative cleaning path design to lift and remove embedded dirt and pet hair from carpets and rugs. It also has an easy empty dirt tank and washable foam tank filter.

Handy tools like the crevice tool, dusting brush, and turbo brush are integrated into the vacuum body for quick access. And it has advanced edge cleaning capabilities with Bissell’s Edge-to-Edge Suction technology.

The PowerClean costs around $120, making it a great mid-range upright vacuum option. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Suction Power

When comparing vacuums, suction power is always an important factor. No one wants to make multiple passes to get their floors clean!

The Bissell CleanView provides surprising suction power for the price from its 6.5 amp motor. The innovative bristle brush design helps channel dirt directly into the suction path. It works well for quick cleanups and light carpet cleaning.

However, the PowerClean outperforms the CleanView in suction capabilities thanks to its 10 amp motor. This allows you to thoroughly clean carpets and pick up all debris in just one pass. The DirtLifter PowerBrush is designed to loosen and remove embedded dirt and pet hair that other vacuums leave behind.

So when it comes to suction power alone, the Bissell PowerClean is the clear winner. It’s the better choice if you have high carpeting, rugs, or pets and need maximum suction to get floors clean.

Features And Tools

Both the CleanView and PowerClean come equipped with specialized tools, but the PowerClean includes more advanced features:

  • Edge-to-edge suction: The PowerClean has advanced suction channels that extend to the edge of the vacuum, helping to suck up debris along baseboards and walls.
  • Automatic cord rewind: The PowerClean vacuum automatically rewinds the 30-ft power cord with the push of a button, so you don’t have to wrestle with rewrapping the cord.
  • Onboard tool storage: The PowerClean has clips right on the vacuum body to hold the dusting brush and tools when not in use. The CleanView lacks onboard storage.
  • Washable foam filter: The PowerClean has a washable foam filter to trap dust and allergens, while the CleanView filter is not washable.
  • Carry handle: The PowerClean has a carry handle at the top to easily lift and move the vacuum. Missing on the CleanView.
  • Larger dirt bin: The PowerClean has a dirt cup capacity of 0.7 liters Vs. 2 liters on the CleanView. But the PowerClean dirt tank is easier to empty.

The PowerClean delivers more premium features for whole home cleaning convenience. The CleanView is a basic, no-frills vacuum.

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When cleaning your home, you need a vacuum that’s easy to move from room to room and can seamlessly transition from carpets to hard floors.

The Bissell CleanView weighs 15 pounds, which is fairly lightweight for an upright vacuum. It’s designed with a low-profile foot and swivel steering for smooth maneuverability. You can easily vacuum hard floors, area rugs, and carpeting in open areas and under furniture.

The PowerClean is slightly heavier at 17 pounds. But it maintains good maneuverability thanks to the steamlined low-profile body. It also turns easily and lays nearly flat to reach under furniture. Plus, it has headlights to illuminate debris in dimly lit areas of your home.

Both models have 25-30 foot power cords which allow you to clean multiple rooms without unplugging.

For maneuverability, the CleanView and PowerClean are evenly matched. The CleanView may have a slight edge for maneuvering in very tight spaces given the 2 pound weight difference. But both offer smooth steering and transition well from hard floors to carpet.

Noise Level

Excessive vacuum noise can be annoying, especially if you have little ones at home or need to clean during early morning or late evenings.

The Bissell CleanView operates at around 82 decibels, which is on par with most standard upright vacuums. The noise is reasonable and not excessive.

Similarly, the PowerClean runs at around 84 decibels on high power mode. Bissell engineered the vacuums to minimize noise levels, so they don’t disturb your family while cleaning.

For noise, the CleanView and PowerClean are comparable. Neither model produces bothersome levels of sound during vacuuming jobs.

Filtration Systems

Vacuum cleaners should have high-quality filtration to trap dust, allergens, and debris. This ensures the air exiting the vacuum is clean, rather than blowing contaminants around your home.

The Bissell CleanView uses a multi-level filtration system with a washable foam and felt filter. This helps reduce household dust and allergens to provide fresher indoor air.

Meanwhile, the PowerClean includes a more advanced washable foam tank filter plus a Febreze odor eliminating filter. This additional filter helps remove pet odors and smell that get trapped in the vacuum. So the exhaust air from the PowerClean smells cleaner.

When it comes to filtration, the PowerClean’s dual filter system with the Febreze filter provides superior odor and allergen removal. This makes it the better choice for pet owners and people with allergies.

Bare Floor Performance

In addition to carpets, you’ll likely need to vacuum hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors.

The Bissell CleanView works reasonably well on bare floors as long as you turn off the brush roll. This helps avoid scattering debris. The edge bristles do help contain some dust and dirt particles.

The PowerClean also performs well on hard floors with the brush roll turned off. But it offers one-step convenience – you don’t have to disable the brush roll!

The PowerClean has specialized suction channels on the bottom that automatically adjust when you transition from carpets to bare floors. This allows you to seamlessly vacuum from surface to surface without stopping to manually adjust settings.

For hard floor cleaning, the Bissell PowerClean excels thanks to the adjustable suction channels and automated brush roll. No need to manually turn the brush on and off as you clean different floor types.

Available Models

Bissell offers the CleanView vacuum in several different models with varying features and capacities:

  • CleanView Pet for Pet Hair: Includes pet hair specialized tools
  • CleanView Cordless: Cordless convenience
  • CleanView Swivel Pet: Swivel steering and pet hair tools
  • CleanView Plus Rewind: Automatic cord rewind
  • CleanView Bagless Canister: Canister design

The PowerClean also comes in alternative versions:

  • PowerClean Pet: Specialized for homes with pets
  • PowerClean Allergen: Excellent for allergy relief
  • PowerClean Lift-Off: Detachable canister lifts away
  • PowerClean Cordless: Cordless cleaning capabilities

So you can choose the specific CleanView or PowerClean model with the specialized features and functions you need. Both offer good versatility and options.

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Warranty Comparison

The warranty partially reflects the longevity and quality of a vacuum cleaner. More comprehensive warranties provide peace of mind in case of defects or normal wear and tear.

Bissell provides a 1-year limited warranty on the CleanView vacuum. This protects against manufacturer defects for the first year of ownership.

The PowerClean vacuum offers consumers enhanced protection with a 2-year limited warranty. This doubling of the warranty period underscores Bissell’s confidence in the quality and durability of the PowerClean model.

When choosing between the two vacuums, the PowerClean’s 2-year warranty is advantageous compared to the standard 1-year coverage of the CleanView.

Cost Comparison

Affordability is often an important consideration when selecting a new vacuum cleaner. Let’s examine how the CleanView and PowerClean compare based on typical retail pricing.

  • Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum: $90
  • Bissell PowerClean Upright Vacuum: $120

The CleanView provides strong suction and cleaning performance at an attractive budget price point. This makes it ideal for shoppers looking for value.

You’ll spend about 30% more for the PowerClean. But you get enhanced suction capabilities, more advanced features, and longer warranty coverage. This makes the PowerClean the best choice if you want professional-grade cleaning.

Ultimately the CleanView offers solid performance and value, while the PowerClean is worth the extra cost if you want maximum suction and features.

CleanView Vs. PowerClean: Key Differences

Here is a quick overview of the main differences between the Bissell CleanView Vs. PowerClean vacuums:

  • Suction power: PowerClean has 10 amp motor; CleanView has 6.5 amp
  • Edge cleaning: PowerClean offers specialized edge suction channels
  • Cord length: PowerClean has 30 ft. cord; CleanView has 25 ft.
  • Warranty: PowerClean has 2-year coverage; CleanView has 1-year
  • Filtration: PowerClean includes Febreze allergen filter
  • Bare floor cleaning: PowerClean adjusts suction automatically
  • Onboard storage: PowerClean stores attachments on body

Which Is Better: CleanView Or PowerClean?

So when considering the CleanView Vs. the PowerClean, which Bissell vacuum is best?

The Bissell PowerClean is the clear winner if you want maximum suction to deep clean carpets and rugs in your home.

It’s ideal if you need to tackle pet hair, allergens, and deeply embedded dirt. The DirtLifter PowerBrush, Febreze filter, and edge suction provide professional-grade cleaning.

However, the Bissell CleanView is the better option if you want a solid, affordable vacuum for quick cleanups.

It’s lightweight, budget-friendly, and still packs strong suction power for basic carpet and hard floor cleaning. It’s a good choice for small homes without lots of carpeting.

Overall you can’t go wrong with either the CleanView or PowerClean. Determine whether you want powerful suction for whole-home deep cleaning or an economical basic vacuum. Then choose the model that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Watch the review video of Bissell CleanView!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does BISSELL CleanView work on carpet?

Yes, the BISSELL CleanView is designed to work on carpets and rugs. It provides strong suction to lift dirt, debris, and pet hair from carpeting. The innovative OnePass Technology enables you to thoroughly clean carpets in just one pass.

Which is better Bissell PowerForce Helix or CleanView Compact?

The Bissell PowerForce Helix is the better option between these two lightweight vacuums. It offers 15% more suction power than the CleanView Compact. The PowerForce also has multi-level filtration and includes the crevice tool and dusting brush, which are not included with the Compact model.

What style is BISSELL CleanView?

The BISSELL CleanView is a bagless upright vacuum. It has a lightweight stick vacuum design with the motor and suction located in the main body of the vacuum. This makes it easy to maneuver the CleanView across different surfaces in your home.

How does the BISSELL CleanView work?

The CleanView uses innovative OnePass Technology that provides powerful suction in a direct suction path. This allows the CleanView to lift debris from carpets after just one pass. The dirt is sucked directly into the 2L dirt tank. And the washable filters trap dust and allergens. Emptying the dirt tank is quick and mess-free.

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The Bottom Line

When comparing the Bissell CleanView Vs. the PowerClean, the PowerClean emerges as the winner if you require professional-level cleaning. It has superior suction capabilities, powerful pet hair tools, edge-to-edge cleaning, and longer warranty protection.

However, don’t count the CleanView out. It delivers impressive cleaning at a bargain price point. Choose this budget-friendly model if you want solid suction for light carpet cleaning and hard floors.

Assess your cleaning needs and budget, then select the vacuum that’s right for your home. Both Bissell models provide quality and performance. The PowerClean offers extra power and features for a little more money.

Whichever you choose, Bissell makes it easy to keep your floors fresh and debris-free so you can maintain a beautiful home interior.

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