Argentyn 23 Vs. Sovereign Silver: Which Colloidal Silver Is Better?

Colloidal silver has become an increasingly popular supplement in recent years, thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

Two of the most well-known brands of colloidal silver are Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver. But which one is better? Here is a comprehensive comparison of Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryArgentyn 23Sovereign Silver
TypeTrue colloidal silverIonic silver
Silver Content23 ppm10 ppm
Manufacturing ProcessElectrolysisChemical reaction
Particle Size0.8-1.2 nanometersUnverified
ColorClear, light yellowClear
TasteTastelessSlightly bitter taste
Shelf LifeIndefinite3-5 years unopened

Overview of Argentyn 23

Argentyn 23
Argentyn 23

Argentyn 23 is a true colloidal silver product made by the American Biotech Labs company. It contains silver particles suspended in purified water through an electrolysis process. Here are some key details about Argentyn 23:

  • Contains 23 parts per million (ppm) of .9999 pure silver nanoparticles
  • Nanoparticles range in size from 0.8 to 1.2 nanometers
  • Manufactured using a low voltage electrolysis process with 99.99% pure silver electrodes
  • long shelf life and requires no refrigeration
  • Clear, light yellow color and no taste
  • Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz bottles

The unusually small nanoparticle size gives Argentyn 23 better bioavailability and absorption compared to other colloidal silver products. The 23 ppm concentration provides a good balance of efficacy while minimizing risk of argyria with prolonged use.

Overview of Sovereign Silver

Sovereign Silver is an ionic silver solution made by the Natural Immunogenics company. It contains silver ions suspended in water through a chemical reaction process. Here are key details about Sovereign Silver:

  • Contains 10 ppm of .9999 pure silver ions
  • Manufactured using a chemical reaction with silver chloride and reduced ionic silver
  • Shelf life of 3-5 years unopened, requires refrigeration after opening
  • Clear color with a slight bitter taste
  • Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, and 32 oz bottles

The ionic silver content provides antimicrobial properties, though likely not as potent as true colloidal silver nanoparticles. The lower 10 ppm concentration may reduce risks of argyria. However, exact particle size is not disclosed.

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Key Differences Between Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver

Argentyn 23 and Sovereign Silver share some similarities, but also have important differences that set them apart. Here is an in-depth side-by-side comparison of the two products:

Sovereign Silver
Sovereign Silver
  • Silver Content

When diving into the world of colloidal silver, the concentration of silver is one of the most distinguishing features. At a glance, Argentyn 23 packs a silver punch at 23 ppm (parts per million), overshadowing Sovereign Silver’s concentration at 10 ppm. That’s more than double the silver power!

Why does this matter? Well, a higher silver concentration is usually linked to more potent antimicrobial effects. Essentially, Argentyn 23 may offer a stronger defense against microbes due to its elevated silver content.

But wait, it’s not all about higher numbers! There’s a debate brewing in the colloidal silver community. Some argue that the ideal ppm isn’t necessarily the highest, but one that balances efficacy and safety.

  • Manufacturing Process

A peek behind the curtains reveals distinct manufacturing processes for these two products. Argentyn 23 prides itself on employing a traditional electrolysis method. Picture this: pure silver electrodes submerged in water, undergoing an electric current.

This method churns out true colloidal silver nanoparticles. On the other side of the ring, Sovereign Silver utilizes a chemical reaction to birth silver ions.

Electrolysis is often hailed as a purer and more controllable method. It’s like making bread from scratch at home, knowing every ingredient versus buying store-made bread with added preservatives. The electrolysis method, like the home-made bread, offers more transparency and purity.

  • Particle Size

It’s not just about how much silver, but also about the size of those silver bits! Particle size can play a massive role in how well our bodies absorb and utilize colloidal silver.

Argentyn 23 lays its cards on the table, flaunting a nanoparticle size between 0.8-1.2 nm. And the best part? This claim isn’t just hearsay. It’s verified by independent third-party analysis.

On the other hand, Sovereign Silver plays it coy. They refer to their silver as ions but don’t disclose a specific size. There’s a whisper in the colloidal silver circles that nanoparticles might have an edge over ions when it comes to delivering silver benefits.

  • Shelf Life

Think of colloidal silver like wine or cheese. Some get better with age, while others… not so much. Argentyn 23 is like that timeless classic you stumble upon at an antique store. Thanks to its pure water matrix and absence of other chemicals, it has an indefinite shelf life.

Contrast this with Sovereign Silver. With a shelf life of 3-5 years when unopened, and needing the chilly embrace of a fridge after being opened, it’s a bit more high maintenance. Chemicals within it can degrade over time, which explains its limited longevity.

  • Color and Taste

When it comes to looks and flavor, the differences are subtle. Pour Argentyn 23 into a glass, and you’ll notice a light, sunny yellow hue. Sovereign Silver, though, is like a clear spring day: no clouds, just clarity.

But sip them (only in recommended doses!), and the differences become more apparent. While Argentyn 23 decides to remain neutral with no taste, Sovereign Silver swings to the bitter side. It’s like choosing between still water and tonic – one’s plain, the other’s got a kick!

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  • Price

Quality and process often come with a price tag. Given Argentyn 23’s superior silver content and its cherished electrolysis method, it’s no surprise that it’s the pricier option.

When setting out to buy these products, expect Argentyn 23 to lighten your wallet by 2-3 times more than Sovereign Silver for the same volume.

  • Safety

Now, it’s paramount to tread with caution. Colloidal silver can turn foe if consumed excessively, leading to potential toxicity. Argentyn 23, with its refined purity profile, does instill more confidence in its safety.

Sovereign Silver’s silence on particle size, though, raises an eyebrow or two. It’s a tad bit like going on an adventure: one path is well-lit and familiar, while the other is shadowy and mysterious.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of colloidal silver is best?

Argentyn 23 is likely the best colloidal silver brand currently on the market due to its verified particle size, purity, electrolysis manufacturing, and reasonable 23 ppm concentration. Sovereign Silver is a decent budget option, but lacks key details on particle size and purity provided by Argentyn 23.

What is Argentyn 23 good for?

Argentyn 23’s ultrafine silver nanoparticles provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties to help fight infections, make water safer, disinfect surfaces, and more. Many users also report benefits for immune health and inflammation. It has diverse uses, but moderation is still advised.

Which is better Sovereign Silver or colloidal silver?

Argentyn 23 as a true colloidal silver is seen as better than the ionic silver Sovereign Silver product. The smaller particles of Argentyn 23 allow for safer dosing of higher silver concentrations to maximize antimicrobial effectiveness. Sovereign Silver lacks verification of particle size.

How long does it take for Argentyn 23 to work?

Users generally report benefits from Argentyn 23 in treating infections within several hours to a few days. Results vary based on condition severity, dose, and individual factors. Extended courses of 1-2 weeks are often recommended for chronic or stubborn infections. Effects are not instantaneous but faster than many alternatives.

Final Thoughts

Argentyn 23’s superior manufacturing standards, verified nanoparticle size, competitive silver concentration, and purity ultimately give it the advantage over Sovereign Silver.

However, Sovereign Silver still provides budget-friendly antimicrobial and immune supporting effects. As with any supplement, work with your healthcare provider to evaluate if a colloidal silver product is appropriate for your individual needs.

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